Improve Productivity by our Multiple URL Opener Tool
Note: Opening too many URLs at the same time can slow your computer 
and cause your browser to show error as “Browser Not responding” message for a few seconds.

Best Free Multiple URL Opener Tool

Improve Productivity by our Multiple URL Opener Tool

How to use OPEN MULTIPLE URL Tool?

Step 1

Just simply Copy (CTRL+C) & Paste (CTRL+V) the URLs in the blank text area. Each Website URL or link must be one per line or separated by commas or separated by space.

Step 2

Click “Open All” button and your result will be processed to open all the given website urls instantly in the next tabs of the web browser.

Step 3

All the given URLs will be open in different browser tabs. This tool is very easy to use and 100% free of cost. and that to No download and No Installation is needed.

About Bulk URL Opener for Multiple Links or Websites

Our Web URL opener is the best online SEO tool to open multiple Links / URLs on a single click.

URL Opener is a simple, useful productivity tool and this free web tool allows you to open multiple URLs at the same time. It works by opening a new tab in your web browser for each URL you have typed or inserted in the following textarea. Copy and paste from a document, spreadsheet, or any type of web content; or type in a list of domain names and paths to quickly access a large number of links.

All major web browsers are supported, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera, etc.

You don’t want to put in any additional extension in your browser to open a number of URLs, as a replacement you should utilize our Open Multi URL web tool online.

It is useful for digital marketers, SEO experts, researchers and internet surfers. Just copy and paste URLs to get the instant result.
It supports a large number of links with HTTP and HTTPS.


Frequently asked Question & Answers

The Open Multiple URL is a tool that allows you to open multiple URLs simultaneously. You can either manually input the URLs or copy and paste them into the text box and with one click of the mouse all the URL’s will open in separate tabs. If you use Google Chrome you will have to go into the settings and allow for popups from our website –
We have build this tool specially for digital marketers and SEO experts. They have to manually open thousands of links to make as backlinks. So we have decided to make this tool and give them for increase productivity. and also save their time too.
Open Multiple URLs tool not only helps SEO experts but also for content writers, web researchers, employers. SEO experts may need to check the page speed, backlinks, site load time, and other on-page SEO factors. For them, it is really helpful.
Open Multiple URL Tool compatible with any browser that supporst JavaScript. This tool does not work if javascript of the browser is blocked. So, please make sure your javascript option must be enabled.
This includes the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc,
You have to adjust your browser settings so that every URL opens in a new tab.
For Firefox, click the menu in the upper right (the three bars) then click “Options”, then in the General Section, you will find the “Tabs”, then check options should be tick mark and it should selected the “a new tab” option. Finally, save your changes and exit.
By default the Google chrome browser will blocks all the popup windows.
You have to allow access of all the tabs from this website
This tool does not work if javascript of the browser is blocked. So, please make sure your javascript option must be enabled.
the browser may limit the number of pages that can be opened at one time, or you may have a pop-up blocker enabled.
For older versions of Chrome click the Chrome menu in the upper right (the three bars) then click Settings and then Show advanced settings… (at the bottom of the page). Under the “Privacy” heading, click the Content settings button. Scroll down to the “Pop-ups” section and click Manage exceptions. In the Add new hostname field, type “” and select the Allow option. Click the OK button.
if may different in new versions, please check and do the changes accordingly.
Basically, there is no limit to open URLs. It all depends on your computer performance and also a number of tabs already opened. We suggest you to open 10-15 URLs at a time. So that the browser doesn’t get more load and you can easily access all the given URLs.
Following users can use this tool for their work purpose.
SEO Webmasters:
If you work as an SEO expert or a webmaster, this tool is really helpful. As you needs to access the number of websites and open all URLs at the same time. So This Open Multi URL Tool where you can put all the URL and open all in just one click.
Web Data Research & Analytics Experts: If you needs to search and find lot of information from web, so need to check the bulk websites at a time then this tool can help you in opening the website links with a single click to saving your time and efforts.
Content Creators/ Writers:
Content writers have to research and find the information from the websites or blogs for their topics before writing it down and they check for plagiarism to make it unique and relevant. For that they needs to open multiple URLs to collect the data, so this tool will helpful for them.


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